We think, define and implement efficient HR processes alongside with corporate organizations

“Any individual is much more motivated once company expectations are known”

The Recruiter offers Internal HR Services to companies which require such a support and an external perspective. We set up HR solutions which would help the company to achieve its business targets and define long-term strategies in close collaboration with Executive Managers, Senior Managers and HR Staff members.

  • I. Performance management, hr processes improvment & hr audit
    • SWOT analysis
    • Consulting and Implementation of individual & team targets
    • Advising on HR practices improvement which would constitute a better fit with your working environment and company culture
    • Providing you with external support in delivering feedback and turning “negative” appraisals into motivation factors for any individual annual review process
  • II. Job description analysis & skills analysis
    • Does the company have the required key skills to run its business?
    • Why developing the employees skills is essential?
  • III. Behavioural analysis (D.I.S.C. ©)
    • How understanding employees drives & motivations make a better professional relationship?
  • IV. Internal recruitment
    • Internal recruitment processes improvement
    • Interview techniques & interview guide
  • V. Background check by Background Check, a new HR Service powered by THE RECRUITER
    • No lies…make sure you are hiring the person who stands in front of you (education and professional background check)

Some examples…

  • Would you like to improve managerial relationships within your team? (internal tensions, conflicting relationships, miscommunication)
    • Behavioural analysis will help you to find motivation factors, frustrations and what kind of people management is more effective.
  • Empower your team with the right communication… are you facing a kind of dispersion in your teams, lack of focus and less attention on the objectives?
    • Identify the reasons for this discouragement.
    • Do your employees know exactly what you are expecting from them?
    • Are they united around the project of the company?
  • Facing with thousands of applications? Make sure that you maintain your employer branding on the top and give individual feedback.
    • The Recruiter manages CV selection process and personal feedback to each candidate.
  • Would you like to meet straightaway the best candidates applying to your ad?
    • The Recruiter interviews, selects, recommends the best and qualified candidates
  • Did you meet several candidates and would you like to get some advice in the final choice?
    • The Recruiter performs a behavioural assessment and recommends the most appropriate candidate.
  • Did you identify your ‘masterpiece’ and would you like to secure your recruitment?
    • The Recruiter manages a professional background check.