We think, define and implement efficient HR processes alongside with corporate organizations

“Any individual is much more motivated once company expectations are known”

THE RECRUITER offers Internal HR Services to companies which require such a support and an external perspective. We set up HR solutions which would help the company to achieve its business targets and define long-term strategies in close collaboration with Executive Managers, Senior Managers and HR Managers.


In-House Solutions: Turn your HR & Recruitment process into 3.0

      • In-house recruitment services
        • Monitoring recruitment needs
        • Training on recruitment tools
        • Optimal communication and direct workflows with Managers
      • HR Process improvement
        • Appraisal process management
        • Set-up of internal procedures
        • Workflow process management
      • HR Audit & SWOT Analysis


Outplacement (DISC® – MBTI® – OPQ®)

We help individuals to re-enter the employment market or to re-orient their career. Thanks to a tailor-made approach, a structured and pro-active method, individual benefits from experienced and certified Consultants and personal coaching sessions based on specific programs. This program is defined together with the employer and/or can be customised on individual demand.

Our Method

      • Step 1 –> Reflection on the career path
        • Career evaluation
        • Career guidance
      • Step 2 –> Know yourself (DISC® – MBTI® – OPQ®)
        • Personality questionnaire
        • Resume writing and interview preparation
        • Interview simulation in different languages
      • Step 3 –> Guidance in job search
        • How to network
        • Job search technics
        • Targeting the employment market

Outplacement fees

->  On demand.
-> Programs are designed to meet the needs and the budget of our clients, please contact us for any question.


Coaching of Manager (DISC® – MBTI® – OPQ®)

We support Managers in the all steps of a career development.

Individual sessions are designed for specific professional objectives aiming to achieve career goals and maximize professional efficiency.

Some possible challenges to face up could be:

      • Internal promotion or growing responsibilities;
      • Team expansion or changes in the organization;
      • Conflict management;
      • Development of leadership skills, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication.

Our Method:

      • Phase 1: Preparation
        • Personal interview and understanding of the situation /context;
        • Set up of concrete objectives and development plan that mentions behavioral goals, steps to be taken, commitments by both parties and time frame definition;
        • Definition of the coaching length.
      • Phase 2 : Development
        • Personality test (DISC – MBTI – OPQ tools);
        • Scheduled regular coaching session (frequency is defined in phase 1) + phone conference for an efficient follow-up;
        • Clear and regular feedback is given to raise awareness of professional development needs.
      • Phase 3: Follow-up and closing
        • Monthly meeting to review and reinforce;
        • Create and implement closure sequence;
        • Final briefing.

Coaching fees

->  On demand.
-> Programs are designed to meet the needs and the budget of our client, please contact us for any question.