Alongside with corporate organizations, we identify and select profiles who first fit the company culture

The Recruiter defines its core values as: transparency, flexibility, professionalism and commitment. We apply these rules to any HR project we are in charge of (recruitment, consulting, HR project).

The Recruiter manages all applications in the strictest confidence. All professional information collected during formal and informal interviews won’t be divulged to any third party without a previous agreement of the candidate for a well-identified HR assignment (recruitment mandate, HR consulting, HR related project).

We consider our role as being an external HR partner for all the counterparts we work with. Our first target consists in providing HR services added value to our clients thanks to highly skilled candidates we are in contact with who are themselves looking for exiting career path and challenging job opportunities.

Candidate Professional Data will be retained by the company in accordance with the legal prerequisites of the CNPD (National Commission for Data Protection