We think, define and implement efficient HR processes alongside with corporate organizations

“Any individual is much more motivated once company expectations are known”

THE RECRUITER offers Internal HR Services to companies which require such a support and an external perspective. We set up HR solutions which would help the company to achieve its business targets and define long-term strategies in close collaboration with Executive Managers, Senior Managers and HR Managers.

Assessment Center (DISC® – MBTI® – OPQ®)

An assessment center is essentially based on what the “candidate” does or what he/she can do and not only on what he/she is … in terms of diploma, intellectual level, social status, etc.

Concrete situations, scenario through “business case” whose best-known simulations are the exercise “in basket”, amongst numerical tests and verbal skills, are included in the assessment programm :

«  I treat in a few hours the problems that are submitted to me when I take a job, then I meet in face to face several of my interlocutors for a final presentation ».

For internal promotions, career development, coaching, senior level positions or final steps of an internal or external recruitment process, the results of an assessment day are more reliable in evaluating key competencies like managerial, sales, organisational skills or potential of development than traditional testing methods.

The assessment program is defined after a deep analysis of the job content and precise definition of the key competencies that will be assessed.

The combination of psychometrics tools (SHL, DISC, MBTI), In-tray exercises and competencies based interviews are designed to fit with all types of positions and assignments.

A full or half day is offered to candidates to prove what they can do, what behaviors they adopt, how do they solve problems, how they can improve.

This clear and transparent method provides significant results of people competencies, behaviors, ambitions and personality of the future collaborator that is shared with the hiring/HR managers and the candidate.